Introduction of the company

A-Lot Biologics makes beautiful and healthy acti-beauty.

Company Introduction

A company that creates a beautiful and healthy human life based on innovative R&D, A-Lot Biologics

A-Lot Biologics hopes that everyone of all ages will regain their confident daily lives by solving the problems they feel in their ordinary daily lives.
We will develop a specialized business through a truly innovative R&D passion and strengthening the competitiveness of the Boswellia (Frankincense) raw material business, which is a key raw material.

We will continue to become a global company by providing more value than just products through constant creativity and innovation.

Global Company

By researching and developing high-quality products, it has established itself as a global brand by constantly pioneering domestic and overseas export markets

Technology Managemen

New ideas and continuous R&D enable technological advancements in beauty, health, and medical supplies (devices) to achieve higher value-added products

Human Resource Management

Smart company that discovers creativity and expertise through generous investment in human resources


A sincere company that strives to pursue co-prosperity and common prosperity with the community as a member of the community

A-Lot Biologics History​​​​​​​



  • Boswellia Acts 38 Trademark Registration
  • Expand one more business workplace.


  • ACTS38 Boswellia Gel: Public Procurement Service "Selected as Venture Start-up Innovation Procurement Products"
  • Um Hong-Gil Human Foundation "Boswellia ACTS3 Sponsorship Agreement”
  • ACTS38 Boswellia Gel 30ml, FDA-OTC (General Medicines) Registration
  • Selected as Innovative Growth Type Venture Company: 2022071330068
  • Change of company name: A-Lot Biologics Inc.
  • Selected as Official sponsor of the Korea Weightlifting Federation
  • Boswellia ACTS38 trademark application
  • ACTS38 Cologne List [Authorized Certification by the International Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)]


  • Joe & Golf Academy Sponsorship Agreement
  • Establishment of Corporate Research Institute [No. 2021115815]
  • Pain Relief Cosmetics Composition PCT International Release Circle
  • Patent application for pain relief cosmetic composition
  • Registration of Responsible Sales of Cosmetics [No. 26474]
  • Report on Mail Order Sales Business [No. 2021-Seoul Geumcheon-2163]
  • ACTS38 (ACTS38) trademark application
  • Registration of start-up companies by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups [No. 202106-46443-0004820]
  • Small and Medium Business Registration (Small Business) [No. 0010-2021-26681]
  • Etablishment of A-Lot Bio-Cosmetics Inc.
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CI & BI​​​​​​​


Every product in the world has its own Lot #.
Among them, the Lot # of the product that A-Lot Biologics gives you is "A".
A-Lot means the best.


Plural ACTS of ACT + "3" of life birth and return to source "8" 38
The ACTS38 product contains the spirit of human respect for the birth of life and return to the source for human beauty and health.

A-Lot Black
The color of the beginning, all nature flows from top to bottom.
It is a color that contains the reason of the world, and the meaning of controlling the life and death of all things.

A-Lot Red
The color of creation, passion, and love.

A-Lot White
It contains the meaning of innocence, truth, and purity, the first light in the world.
It means assimilation with nature.