Brand Philosophy

Special care with high-quality frankincense.
It contains the power of pure raw materials.

Brand Philosophy

The Birth and the Return to the Source of Life
True beauty is your smile.

The same ingredients are different from the trend, and the effects are always the same
ACTS38 Frankincencs Extract

It's a combination of Boswellia extract and acetylglucosamine
Solving inconveniences and concerns

Rubbing Boswellia ACTS38®

Skin regeneration and elasticity intensive care through the combination of Frankincense's pure oil ingredients and skin care products

ACTS38 Skin Care Solution

The aroma-therapy frankincense scent provides a balanced life through psychological stability and stress relief

ACTS38 Incense Solution™
Same ingredients, but incomparable result
ACTS38® Frankincense Extract

Rubbing Boswellia

It is a key ingredient in Boswellia ACTS38® applied by Boswellia extract and acetylglucosamine, which helps with joint and cartilage health.

Bottleneck extract, sodium hyaluronate, and other effective extracts are combined and provides comfort to the body parts where you feel uncomfortable with activities in your daily life.

Skin Care Solution

Frankinsense's oil is a base ingredient in skin basic fitness and a key ingredient in ACTS38 skincare solutions.

Frankincense Oil, which contains Boswellia raw materials, helps soothe, moisturize, and vitalize sensitive and tired skin.

Incense Solution™

The distinctive aroma of frankincense, which provides aromatherapy effects, is a key ingredient in ACTS38 frankincense™.

Frankincense, which helps with emotional stability and stress relief, helps you lead a balanced life in a tired modern society through individual experiences.