It's a lineup of professional products based on Frankincense.
We have the global competitiveness of constantly innovating.


Daily Care Solution with a professional product lineup based on Boswellia

It's a product that you can feel the effects.
Presenting a new consumer culture and lifestyle


Continuous exploration and verification of raw materials

To develop innovative raw materials and differentiated platforms,
constantly researching and constructing pipelines.

High purity Boswellia extraction

AKBA and KBA enhance their efficacy by developing Boswellia extraction technology by diversifying the extraction technology of 5.94% in accordance with the current solvent/distillation extraction (Top Secret) method of Boswellia

Extraction and artificial synthesis of key ingredientsExpanding the product lineup based on various functions/efficiencies through the development of artificial synthesis technologies of AKBA and KBA, which are key components of treatment through Boswellia
BenchmarkingExperiment with immediate effect psychology (placebo) by adding heat (or cool) function like other products
Joint R&DPromotion of joint research/co-development of AKBA and KBA extracts, key ingredients based on the company's Boswellia extract technology, with Korea National Sport University (first consultation completed on September 1, 2022)
Excavation of alternative materialsDevelopment of domestic plant extracts that can replace Boswellia (target species and academic researchers) in progress)
APP DevelopmentDevelopment of an application that assists pain-related treatment by statistically statistically modifying VAS, a subjective pain level
Securing intellectual property rights

Currently, one patent and five trademarks are being applied, and theses and patents on AKBA extraction and synthesis will be applied, and intellectual property rights for R&D performance will be secured in the future

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