Key Ingredient

Frankinsense is proven to be effective in domestic and foreign market.

Core Ingredients

What is Boswellica?

Boswellia is a substance that dries sap by collecting essence from wounds from sulfur tree, and it is a shrub of the family of olivine trees in India and eastern Africa, called Boswellia, frankincense, mastic, and olivanum.
It is a rare vegetable raw material that can only collect a very small amount of 350g to 500g a year from a tree, and it has been used as a medicinal material in the Middle East since ancient times.

The process of forming Boswellia




The effectiveness of Boswellia​​​​​​​

Relieves arthritis​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Boswelilc acid helps suppress inflammatory substances in the body,
It increases the self-survival rate of cartilage cells and improves arthritis in middle-aged people to help

Skin Beauty and

It removes active oxygen by improving skin problems, atopy, and antioxidant effects.
It helps with skin aging, skin regeneration

Blood Circulation

It helps improve blood circulation and swelling and pain with anticoagulant effects.

This content is limited to the raw material characteristics.​​​​​​​

Boswellia’s effectiveness are proven not only in Korea
​​​​​​​but also in other countries.

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